Human trafficking training is available for businesses, first responders, health care providers, educators, law enforcement, hospitality workers and more.  

  • Not My Life participant and retired FBI agent Greg Bristol, offers human trafficking training throughout the United States through his organization, The Human Trafficking Training Institute (HTTI). With 35 years of law enforcement experience, Bristol is effectively educating law enforcement officers, companies, and student faculty on the issue of human trafficking. For more information, contact Greg at or visit
  • ­­Airline Ambassadors International collaborates with the US Department of Homeland Security and the US Department of State to train airline and travel industry personnel with US Department of State Trafficking in Persons approved curricula at major airline hubs around the world. For more information or to find a training session near you, visit

  • GEMS, a survivor-led organization, provides training, technical assistance, workshops, and conference presentations on commercial sexual exploitation to organizations and institutions serving trafficking victims across the US. For more information or to schedule a training, viist

Visit the Education Center for more human trafficking training options and resources for your organization.