Take action on (and off) campus!

Involve your friends, classmates, professors, and faculty. Volunteer or intern at local anti-trafficking organizations. Join or establish a university or high school club to raise awareness about human trafficking and initiate action throughout your local community. As a student, there are so many ways to join the fight against human trafficking.

>> Join or Establish a Club

We've teamed up with US Fund for UNICEF to make raising awareness of human trafficking on your campus even easier! With over 120 chapters across the United States, the UNICEF Campus Initiative offers students the chance to engage campus communities and raise awareness of human rights abuses such as human trafficking. 

    >> Get Educated

    We've compiled a great list of resources for students who want to learn more about human trafficking. Head over to our Education Center to download resources, activities, and materials on human trafficking.

    >> Need more inspiration?

    Here are a few examples of students using Not My Life to make a difference on campus, in their communities, and around the world:

    • See how this Eastern Carolina University student organized a walk to raise awareness of human trafficking in her community, followed by a screening of Not My Life!
    • Learn what inspired these high school students to found Students Opposing Slavery, a student-led organization that works with students all over the world to raise awareness of human trafficking!
    • Read this student's reaction to a UNICEF USA Shut Out Trafficking screening of Not My Life.

        Ready to organize an event of your own, or want even more ideas on getting involved? Write to to find out more.