Shop fair trade, slave-free products.

Many products and foods we encounter in our daily lives may have been touched by slave labor somewhere in the supply chain. And while slave labor means cheaper products for the consumer, millions of exploited workers worldwide are paying the price.

 Do your research. Purchase products from brands that take steps to investigate and eliminate slavery in their supply chains. Need help deciding which products are slave-free? Check out these resources:

  • Slavery Footprint is a website designed to help you learn how your lifestyle and purchasing decisions could be fueling slave labor. Want to know how many slaves work for you? Find out.

  • Free2Work grades companies based on transparency in their supply chains and for their involvement with forced and child labor. Their current report looks at trends in the coffee industry. Read it.

  • Jubilee is a home-party business that partners with organizations who work with child soliders, refugees, and victims of trafficking around the world. 50% - 80% of proceeds go back to these businesses, so you can shop with a cause, not just because. Interested in hosting a party or want to learn more? Contact Jill at

  • Want to learn more about Fair Trade Certified foods? Check out Fair Trade USA or Fair Trade International.

Visit Slavery Footprint and find out how many slaves are working for you.