Not My Life Resources

Not My Life Institutional Use DVD & Download

The Institutional Use DVD and Download are available in both the feature-length film (64 Min.) and a special 30 minute Classroom version that can be utilized when time restrictions apply.

Not My Life Discussion Guide

The discussion guide is designed to stimulate conversation and provides suggestions for further action for each of the 12 segments in Not My Life. Themes covered in the discussion guide include forced labor, sex trafficking, sex tourism, child exploitation, domestic servitude, and children in armed conflict.




Human Trafficking Training Institute (HTTI)

Not My Life participant and retired FBI agent Greg Bristol, offers human trafficking training througout the United States through his organization, The Human Trafficking Training Institute (HTTI). With 35 years of law enforcement experience, Bristol is effectively educating law enforcement officers, companies, and student faculty on the issue of human trafficking. 

Courses for law enforcement officers include:

    • Basic Law Enforcement Human Trafficking Investigator (8-hours) 
    • Advanced Law Enforcement Human Trafficking Investigator (16-hours)
    • 9-1-1 Operator Responses to Human Trafficking Calls (8-hours)

    For more information, contact Greg at or visit

    DHS and FLETC Human Trafficking Training Program

    This Human Trafficking Training Program is presented by the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

    As part of the DHS Blue Campaign to combat human trafficking, FLETC developed this web-based human trafficking training course that teaches law enforcement officers how to recognize human trafficking encountered during routine duties, how to protect victims, and how to initiate human trafficking investigations.


    Additional Resources

    Identifying and Interacting with Victims of Human Trafficking

    A helpful guide for law enforcement when interacting with victims of human trafficking.

    Law Enforcement Trafficking Indicator Wallet Cards

     Law Enforcement Trafficking Indicator Wallet Cards - front and back.  Polaris recommends having these printed on 20 mil plastic card stock, credit card sized.

    United States Task Force Map

     This map, created by the Bureau of Justice Programs, includes BJA/OVC Human Trafficking Task Forces.

    Human Trafficking Task Force e-Guide

    This guide is a resource to support established task forces and provide guidance to agencies that are forming task forces. Its purpose is to assist in the development and day to day operations of an anti-human trafficking task force and to provide fundamental guidance for effective task force operations.

    Confronting Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking of Minors in the United States

    This presentation shares findings on how schools, law enforcement, victim services, businesses, the legal system, and health care providers can collaborate to prevent, identify, and respond to commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking of minors.