Not My Life Statement Regarding Somaly Mam

June 3, 2014


Dear Friends,


I am writing in reference to the sad news we have all heard regarding Somaly Mam's resignation from the foundation that bears her name.

As you know, a segment of Not My Life focuses on Somaly, and we are now in the process of re-editing that segment to avoid the distractions that will arise from Somaly's presence in the film. As we work through the creative process, I am pleased to report that the storytelling in the Cambodia segment of Not My Life remains intact and is still very moving, with an even sharper focus, now, on the girls themselves. 

Digital downloads of this new version of Not My Life will be available in a few weeks, and re-mastered DVDs over the course of the summer. Please contact Jenna Chapman, our Media and Communications Manager, for details in this regard at

For those of you planning screenings of Not My Life with the existing version of the film, may I suggest sharing the following with your audiences:

 "This version of Not My Life contains a segment focusing on Somaly Mam who, as you may have heard, has recently resigned from her foundation. A new version of Not My Life that avoids the inevitable distraction of Somaly's presence in the film will soon be available.  In the meanwhile, we are sure you will understand that Not My Life is about far more than one woman, and will bear in mind that the suffering of millions of enslaved children-- not only in Cambodia, but all over the world--  transcends all else.”  


Many thanks. 


Robert Bilheimer

President, Worldwide Documentaries

Director, Not My Life        



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